33 Athletes Who Were Caught Cheating on Their Spouses

NBA | March 2, 2021

Playing on a professional sports club sounds like a dream job, but pro athletes must be on the alert for the pitfalls and dangers of a high-end lifestyle. 

An overwhelming majority of sports heroes stay on the straight and narrow, go to practice, go home to loving spouses, and treat their families with respect. However, others fall prey to temptation and engage in unsavory behavior, even violating their monogamous vows. 

While some athletes enjoy “modern” arrangements or even polyamory with their spouses, most reports of infidelity by sports stars involve the player lying, cheating, or scheming in some way, sometimes leading to a wrecked personal life, sports career, or both. 

Here are 33 star athletes who’ve been caught cheating on their spouses. 

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