40 Athletes Who Have More Than One Baby Mama

March 15, 2021

The life of a professional athlete is tough. They spend their days traveling, forming relationships, dealing with the media, and at times, having sexual encounters. Regardless of marital status, sportsmen around the world […]

33 Athletes Who Were Caught Cheating on Their Spouses

March 2, 2021

Playing on a professional sports club sounds like a dream job, but pro athletes must be on the alert for the pitfalls and dangers of a high-end lifestyle.  An overwhelming majority of sports […]

4 QB’s That Refused To Retire

February 24, 2021

Remember that old Boyz II Men song “Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday”? That song is appropriate for this article! Here are four quarterbacks who were great in their prime, but […]

5 Most Overpaid QB’s of All-Time

February 18, 2021

All NFL fans know that the Quarterback is the most important position on the field. It makes plenty of sense why teams invest boatloads of cash into QB’s! However, there are tons of […]

4 Potential Landing Spots for Deshaun Watson

February 17, 2021

Houston Texans All-World Quarterback Deshaun Watson has finally come right out and admitted that he wants out of Houston. The 25-year old is a dynamic playmaker and any NFL team would be thrilled […]

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