5 Teams that Russell Wilson May Play for in 2021

NFL | March 20, 2021

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Seattle Seahawks All-World QB Russell Wilson has openly expressed his frustration to the Seahawks’ management department. Wilson has even mentioned his four team “wish list” if he were to approve a trade.

Assuming Wilson will indeed waive his no-trade clause, what team is he most likely to go to? Here are five teams that Wilson may play for in 2021.

5. New Orleans Saints

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With Drew Brees officially announcing his retirement a few days ago, the door is wide open for Sean Payton to offer up a slew of draft picks to the Seahawks in exchange for Wilson. Payton is not a very patient coach and we cannot see him putting up with some long rebuilding process now that Brees has left the building.

Although the Saints re-signed QB “Famous” Jameis Winston to a one-year deal worth 12 million dollars, do not be surprised if the Saints use Winston or Taysom Hill as trade bait. Coach Payton looks a little bit like the famous “Joker” character from the Batman movie series so it would not shock us in the least if he were to pull off such a blockbuster deal.

4. Las Vegas Raiders

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Sure, the Raiders seem content to continue to play with veteran QB Derek Carr and rightfully so. Carr is a fine quarterback and had a sensational 2020 season by throwing 27 touchdowns and over 4,000 passing yards. However, Jon Gruden is always unpredictable and no one can ever really tell what this crazy coach is up to.

Carr is great, yes, but he is simply not the big-time playmaker that Wilson is. Wilson would fit in great with all those speed-demon Raider receivers! Also, having an excellent running back like Josh Jacobs would take some pressure off of Wilson!

3. Carolina Panthers

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You simply have to love a guy like Teddy Bridgewater because he has over such a great deal of adversity. Bridgewater got his shot in 2020 and performed beautifully by throwing 15 touchdowns and nearly 4,000 yards.

However, Bridgewater’s record in his 15 starts was 4-11. Although that record was not all Bridgewater’s fault and he did not have much help, the NFL is about winning and winning only. The Panthers already tried to trade Bridgewater for Matt Stafford so why wouldn’t they entertain the idea of going after Wilson?

2. Miami Dolphins

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There are rumors swirling around in South Beach that the Dolphins management staff was unhappy with Tua Tagovailoa’s performance during his rookie season. Simply put, Coach Brian Flores does not sound completely sold on Tua’s ability.

That may sound unfair and it probably is, but again, this is the NFL (AKA Not Fair League). Tua could very well turn out to be a Hall of Fame QB but it could take him a couple more seasons to adapt to the sheer speed of NFL defenses. If the Fish want to win and win now, they may consider putting Tua and some draft picks in a package for Wilson.

1. Seattle Seahawks

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We know you are probably thinking, “Gee thanks Mr. Obvious” (LOL) . The most likely team that Wilson will play for in 2021 is his current Seahawks team. Though Wilson has expressed some anger towards the Seattle ownership, that simply does not mean that he will be traded.

Think about it for a minute. Pete Carroll is an immensely intelligent guy. Do you really think he will let a QB of Russell Wilson’s caliber simply slide out of town? The smart money says Wilson and the Seahawks will smooth things over before training camp starts.


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