5 Best NFL Free Agent Signings of 2021

NFL | April 2, 2021

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If you are a true football fan, you know that the NFL never sleeps! This has been especially true of the 2021 NFL Free Agency. Teams are signing new players left and right and there have been a boatload of surprises! Who the heck ever thought Bill Belichick would spend money like a drunken congressman????(LOL) Without further adieu, here are the 5 best free agent signings of 2021 thus far.

5. DeSean Jackson- L.A. Rams

Here is a trivia question that is sure to stump your buddies down at the sports bar. Who has the most receiving touchdowns of 60+ yards in NFL history? Yep, shockingly enough it is DeSean Jackson!

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Jackson was dogged by lots of unfortunate injuries over his last two seasons with the Eagles. However, the 34-year old has plenty of speed left in the tank when he is healthy. The Rams are taking a chance that Jackson, a 3-time Pro Bowler, can still be a down-field threat to stretch defenses. New Rams QB Matt Stafford will definitely be glad to see Jackson on the field as one of his favorite new targets.

4. Marvin Jones- Jacksonville Jags

Starvin’ Marvin Jones went from one dumpster fire team (Detroit Lions) to another this offseason. Football fans have to feel a bit sorry for Jones as he has lots of talent but has went from the Bengals to the Lions and now the Jags (talk about being in football purgatory haha). However, with the Jags signing superstar head coach Urban Meyer and possibly drafting Clemson All-World QB Trevor Lawrence, the future looks to be brighter.

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Jones is only 31-years old so age is not a concern at this point for him and should not limit his production. If Lawrence can learn Meyer’s offense quickly, Jones has the potential to put up gigantic receiving numbers. Jones’ best season was 2017 when he had 1101 receiving yards and led the league in yards per reception (18.0).

3. Emmanuel Sanders- Buffalo Bills

The Bills had a great run last season and their management team knows they are only a good player or two away from making a Super Bowl run at some point. Getting a top notch professional wide receiver like Sanders will help young QB Josh Allen a great deal in 2021. At 5-11 and 180 pounds Sanders has a small stature but he shows a tremendous amount of toughness by being fearless over the middle.

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Sanders has made two Pro Bowls over his 11 NFL seasons and will be a nice asset for this Bills offense. Yes, age is a bit of a concern as Sanders is 34 years old. However, Sanders works hard in the offseason to maintain his skills and Bills fans can probably count on him to produce at least 700 yards and a handful of touchdowns in 2021.

2. Ryan Fitzpatrick- Washington FT

AHHH Yes the ageless wonder known as “FitzMagic” simply had to make this list. Fitz has spent the last 16 seasons in the NFL and the guy just keeps on throwing touchdown passes. After the huge debacle with former first round draft choice Dwayne Haskins, Washington needed some stability at the QB position. Fitz is the picture of stability.

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Fitzpatrick proved he is not ready for retirement last year as he had a fantastic season with the Dolphins. In fact, Washington head coach Ron Rivera has already said that Fitzpatrick will be the starter! Fitz has thrown 223 career touchdown passes and should fit nicely in Washington.

1. Hunter Henry- New England Pats

What? A tight end is #1 on the list of best free agents. Yep, and here is why. Bill Belichick loves throwing to tight ends and so does veteran QB Cam Newton. Henry is an up-and-coming playmaker who will be Newton’s new favorite toy in Foxboro. At 6-5 and 250 pounds, Henry will be a huge target over the middle of the field and will also be a decent blocker.

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The 26 year old Henry has 21 career touchdowns in only four full NFL seasons and that level of production should only improve with New England. Belichick was in the hunt to find the next “Gronk” and Henry has the potential to play at that high of a level. It will be interesting to see if the Pats can get back to the playoffs in 2021.

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