Should The Jets Draft Zach Wilson Or Justin Fields At Number 2?

NFL | April 5, 2021

Via Ohio State QB Justin Fields Has Had A Sensational College Career

On Monday, the New York Jets clarified the direction of their franchise with a blockbuster transaction. Former top 3 overall pick and embattled quarterback Sam Darnold was traded to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for future draft picks. In one swift move, the Jets announced to the league and their fan base that they are ready to turn the page and rebuild fresh with a new signal caller under center.

The Darnold trade basically guarantees that New York will select a quarterback with the second overall pick in this month’s draft. Should they take Zach Wilson out of BYU, or Justin Fields from Ohio State?

The Case For Zach Wilson

Via If Drafted By The Jets, Zach Wilson Will Face High Expectations From Fans and Media.

It’s not mandatory for stars in big markets to have outsized personalities. But when they have the personality to light up a city, and the talent to back it up, it’s tantamount to striking gold for teams like the Jets. There’s a chance that Zach Wilson can provide the substance and the sizzle in the NFL, and there would be no better place for him to do it than in New York.

Wilson’s character has been much discussed leading up to the draft. Some have painted the picture that he’s self absorbed, cocky, and not much of a leader. Other more recent reports have indicated that Wilson is actually a great, well liked teammate. The truth probably sits somewhere in the middle, and Wilson is likely a very self assured individual. He’s going to need that confidence playing in front of one of the most restless fan bases in pro sports. His physical skills, including his much publicized arm talent, make him a tantalizing option for the Jets.

The Case For Justin Fields

Via Justin Fields Threw For 41 Touchdowns In His Sophomore Season in 2019.

While Wilson is somewhat of a late bloomer, Justin Fields has been front and center on one of the premier college football teams in the country for three years. He started his college career at the University of Georgia, and spent the last two seasons at Ohio State. He’s faced the best competition week in and week out in the SEC and Big 10 respectively, and put on a show.

Playing against NFL caliber talent, Fields threw for a combined 63 touchdowns in his last two seasons with the Buckeyes. He also ran for a combined 15 rushing touchdowns during that time frame as well. He held his own as the leader of a Buckeyes team whose season was anything but routine due to the conference’s wavering decision to play football last fall. His exposure to high level competition, plus his consistent play, make him the more attractive answer for Gang Green.

Verdict: Zach Wilson

The Jets already went with the “sure thing” at quarterback in 2017 with Darnold, and it didn’t work out. Darnold played at football powerhouse USC, and should have been a great pro for New York, but it didn’t work out. With the rise of smaller school quarterbacks starring in the league now(see Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson), the Jets won’t hold Wilson’s lack of experience against quality competition. They will look at the upside he possesses and swing for the fences to reinvigorate the fan base.

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