Perfectly Timed Uncomfortable Fan Photos with Celebrities

Uncategorized | June 8, 2020

Perfectly Timed Uncomfortable Fan Photos with Celebrities

Prepared or not, becoming the focus of any photo is a questionable task. You may be the pretty or handsome-type, ready to become the center of attention at a moment’s notice. Conversely, you may be camera shy, for a wide range of reasons (we won’t judge you). Regardless, the camera-ready type you may be, even the most recognized stars of Hollywood take some ill-timed uncomfortable fan photos from time to time. And, sometimes, these uncomfortable fan photos are really just a moment in time where both fan and celebrity should have simply refused this specific history-making experience.

Yes, meeting Jason Momoa or Tom Hanks may be a life-changing experience for a diehard fan, but other times, these one-in-a-lifetime photo-making instances leave everyone in a pickle. They’re neither uplifting nor impressive. Rather, friends, family, and the internet community as a whole, will deem your uncomfortable fan photos as a lasting mark of shame for centuries to come.


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