The One Triplet Who Was Born Into Much Medical Curiosity

Uncategorized | June 8, 2021

Having a baby is always a joyous occasion, where parents welcome the best thing to come from their union. For Rachel and Aaron Halbert, however, the whole process of becoming parents was quite unusual. There was a lot of mystery involved. While there are many parents out there who have incredible birthing stories to tell, this one is even more unusual than what most folks could imagine happening. There was an incredible birthing story to be told.

Parallel Dimensions

Parallel Dimensions

The pair initially were brought together from dissimilar backgrounds. While Aaron had been raised within Honduras by evangelical missionary parents, Rachel was born in the Mississippi Delta. Rachel had been sheltered from America’s racially diverse nature, while Aaron had been incredibly integrated with other groups, being the sole fair-skinned child in the town he was born. When Rachel entered her adulthood, she commenced embarking on missionary journeys, quickly deciding that she needed further accountability and involvement.


Hidden Take