35 Players Who Wrecked The Locker Room

Other Sports | February 21, 2021

Prep, college, and professional sports have each had issues with bullying and rancorous roster relations. But to a large extent, the old stereotype of dumb, macho players pushing people around and ruling by brute force was always a total myth. 

It’s very hard to be stupid, cruel, insane, or a maniacal bully, and still be consistently successful in team sports over the long haul. Selfish and reckless athletes in individual sports suffer the consequences of their actions as well, but team players especially rely on good, gainful relationships with teammates and coaches, and an ability to mentally focus. Of the thousands of FBS kids who can run a 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds or less, those who go to the NFL are likely to have the best work ethic, people skills, and commitment to a group cause. Smart, humble performers are rewarded in sports. 

Some athletes are extremely talented, but refuse to get along with their teammates and coaches, and wind up embarrassing themselves and others before getting traded, released, fined, suspended, or ushered out of the major leagues altogether. Here’s a look at 35 players who caused more trouble than they were worth for their teams and clubs. 

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