42 Athletes That Died Before 40

NBA | February 16, 2021

Athletes are among the healthiest people in the world. After all, taking good care of your body is what quality sports performance is all about. But star athletes must deal with pressures beyond imagination, temptations of the mind and heart, and the trappings of fame, in addition to the dangerous injuries that they can be subjected to in competition.

Perhaps too many athletes begin to believe in their own mythology. Fans think of sports stars as superhuman and invincible, and it can be that much more difficult for a “superhero” persona to adjust to the perilous and often deadly challenges faced by citizens in day-to-day life. 

Retirement can be life-threatening to a sports superstar too. When an athlete loses the daily dopamine rush of team or individual play, or the singular focus of a club captaincy goes missing, ex-players can go down a self-destructive path of tragedy even when they’re still relatively young. 

Here’s Hidden Take’s look at 41 athletes who tragically died before their 40th birthdays. 

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