The Shows Netflix Has Recently Canceled (And Renewed)

Uncategorized | April 27, 2021


Over the past few years, Netflix has set itself apart as one of the top producers of television series in the industry. Not only do their shows clean up during awards season, but their shows literally created the binge-watching phenomenon.

Fans wait with anticipation for new seasons of their new shows to drop like none other, only to watch the entire drop in a weekend. However, as good as Netflix’s hits are there are some duds too. When you produce as much content as Netflix does, you’re bound to miss the mark every once in a while.

Want to know which shows have been renewed, and which have been canceled? Then this article is for you. We go through the biggest names on Netflix and let you know whether to expect more episodes soon or not.

Hoops (Canceled)


Adult animated series have been very successful over the years. Shows like King of the Hill, Family Guy, and of course The Simpsons are household names. One animated series that won’t become a household name is Hoops.

Netflix cut the basketball-themed show after just one season. It’s hard to say what went wrong with a show that included a voice cast of Jake Johnson, Rob Riggle, and Natasha Leggero. Maybe basketball just isn’t that funny?


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