5 Cities That Need an NFL Team

NFL | February 15, 2021

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While NFL viewership and interest far surpasses all other American sports, the league has only handed out expansion franchises to clamoring cities sparingly in the past 30 years. However, expansion fees for any incoming team might provide the league with a boost in the current financial climate.

With that said, relocation has happened much more frequently. In recent years, we’ve seen the Rams move back to Los Angeles from St. Louis, and the Chargers move to Los Angeles from San Diego. The Raiders also picked up and moved to Las Vegas from Oakland. Owners generally keep an eye out on different markets if it will help the team expand their brand.

Which cities should be on deck to receive a relocated or expansion franchise?

San Diego

Sometimes, you just don’t know what you have until it’s gone. San Diego was home to the Chargers for 56 years, before they moved to L.A. While the Chargers share the beautiful new SoFi Stadium with the Rams, their fan support in the City of Angels has not quite matched the Rams(who used to call L.A. home before they moved in 1994).

If the Los Angeles experiment continues to fall short, it’s not inconceivable to think the Chargers may return to their original NFL home.

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St. Louis

While the NFL’s most recent stay in St. Louis only lasted two decades, the city was home to one of the most memorable teams in the league’s history. The “Greatest Show on Turf” teams, led by QB Kurt Warner and RB Marshall Faulk, among others, were some of the most fun offensive squads ever.

It’s unlikely the old Trans World Dome would be used as a main facility, so a new stadium will likely need to be constructed if this were to happen.

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This won’t happen before there’s a comfortable resolution to the pandemic. But pre-Covid, London was building up steam as the first non U.S. NFL market.

Starting in 2007, the NFL hosted games in London each season until the past campaign. While travel and bye weeks would be an issue for any team based there, it would greatly expand the NFL brand to plant a flag overseas.

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If one thing has become clear in the last few decades, it’s that the appetite for football(especially college) is insatiable in the southeastern region of the country. SEC games are practically NFL minor league contests, and a mean a lot to the fans.

While Alabama has not been traditionally considered for professional sports, it would seem like a good place for the NFL to consider based on how many of its star players originate and go to college in the greater region.

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Portland has always been a strong home for the NBA’s Blazers, and has become one of the best environments in the MLS with regards to the Timbers.

They probably wouldn’t be able to sell out 80,000 seat stadiums, but as a Green Bay or Buffalo like market, could provide a raucous fan base and be a tough place to play for opposing teams.

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